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AlEVTINA golovin



My paintings are my visions and mirrors of beauty that I see in human anatomy and I attempt to give the viewer a sense of my prism. Intermittently my portraits are personifications of emotions that I’ve experienced, transferred onto the surface. The subjects of my painting are mainly portraits and nude figures. I get fascinated with human eyes and always start with them. Each painting I discern and feel differently. Often I have a fixed idea of how I see a person but by the time I finish there eyes I can completely change the color palette and drawing style from using a palette knife to washed out oils. When I’m starting a painting it is a very long and slow process that puts me in a sort of a meditation state where my decisions and brush strokes are controlled only by my inner feelings. Which is why I never have a plan on colors or overthink the sketch. I work primarily with pastels and oils on paper and canvas. Sometimes I start without a sketch and use my fingertips to smudge the colors to connect with the materials and be completely submerged in the altered state of consciousness. when I reach this state of mind and tranquility I get the best work.

© 2014 by Alevtina Golovin. All copyrights reserved

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